From its 2019 Grant Cycle, the Orange County Community Foundation, Inc. has awarded $43,500 in grant funding to local charitable programs and projects. These grants are made from payouts of endowed funds held by the Foundation for diverse charitable programs and projects, as well as those for targeted demographic populations.

Endowed funds make it possible for grants to be made each year from real income garnered throughout the previous fiscal year. Only real income is expended from these funds, a portion of which is ,nevertheless, retained to ensure fund growth over the years. Endowed funds are invested for the long-term to ensure that the making of grants can be accomplished for good, forever, for Orange County.

This year, $22,000 was made available from the Share the Love Fund, the Foundation’s primary unrestricted endowment. This fund is designed to address current needs and ongoing issues facing Orange County and its residents. Unrestricted grants include those made in the areas of Human Services, Animals and Ecology, Community and Economic Development, Recreation and Health, Education, and Arts and Culture. For the 2019 Grant Cycle, the Share the Love Fund provided the following.

Paoli Food Pantry                                             $2,000

Black Vulture                                                     $2,000

Let Music Speak                                               $2,500

Orange County Service Council                   $4,000

Bulldog Booster Club                                      $2,000

Gateway Missions                                           $2,000

Safe Haven Recovery Center                       $2,000

French Lick-West Baden Museum             $1,500

Healing Arts Center                                         $500

Springs Valley Pet Services                           $1,500

Orange Co. Sheriff’s Dept. K9 Unit             $2,000

The Orange County Child Care Co-Op Endowment Fund was originally established to provide funding for early childhood programs through that organization. However, with the organization’s closure, the fund’s purpose was broadened to include programs and projects that benefit children of all ages throughout Orange County. From the $5,500 available from the Orange County Child Care Co-Op Endowment Fund, grant recipients for 2019 were as follows.

Goody B Teen Center                                     $1,000

Goody B Blessing Box                                     $1,500

Backpacks of Blessings                                   $1,000

Blackhawk Blessings                                        $2,000

From the OCCF Education/CAPE Endowment Fund, a total of $6,900 in grants was made available. This endowment was created to provide funding for charitable programs and projects benefitting education in Orange County. For 2019, grants made from this fund were as follows.

First Chance Center                                         $2,450

Purdue Extension Services                           $600

Paoli Junior/Senior High School SADD      $945

HandUP Orange County                                $500

Essentials Project (Paoli and SV)                $1,800

Goody B Teen Center                                     $605

The F. Wendell and Helen M. Gooch Fund was originally established as a Donor-Advised Fund by the founding donors. With their passing, the fund was converted to an additional unrestricted endowment fund to assist a wider variety of charitable efforts throughout Orange County. Grants made from this fund in 2019 included Orange County Habitat for Humanity and the community programs in which the Foundation is participating. A total or $2,300 was available for 2019.

The Add and Mabel Gray Unrestricted Fund was created from the surviving donor’s bequest, and accompanies a designated fund that will provide for a number of designated organizations for ten years. The unrestricted portion of this endowment fund provided $6,800 in funding for 2019, benefitting the Paoli Junior/Senior High School Art Department ($500), the Orange County Spelling Bee ($1,300), and community programs in which the Foundation is participating ($5,000).

Grants from the Orange County Community Foundation, Inc. are ordinarily subject to online application, with a designated Grants Committee making selections during each grant cycle. All grant selections are then subject to approval by the Orange County Community Foundation, Inc., according to IRS regulations and guidelines for best practices in grant-making. For more details, contact the Orange County Community Foundation, Inc. at 812-723-4150 or stop by the offices at 1075 North Sandy Hook Road, Suite #2, in Paoli.