When Scholarship Applications are available, a link to the site will be found here on this page. At present, the scholarship application process is closed.

For a list of Scholarships currently housed at OCCF, please click here.


Education is a huge concern in Orange County, and the advancement of education is one area in which the Foundation is most active. Our scholarship programs provide much-needed education financing for a number of Orange County graduates each year, thanks to the generosity of the many donors who care deeply about the educational well-being and future of the county’s youth. In addition, Lilly Endowment grants a four-year scholarship to at least one Orange County graduate each year, in the hope that Orange County young people will return someday to do their part in making Orange County a better place.

Selection Process for Community Scholarships
Each year, representatives of the Foundation visit county schools and speak with seniors regarding the scholarship application process. In addition, the Scholarships Committee and the Program Manager work closely with the guidance counselors in county high schools, taking into consideration their needs and suggestions. Once applications are filled out and received at the Foundation office, a diverse committee, comprised of OCCF board members and outside advisors, meets to make selections for each of the community scholarships. For some, representatives of the scholarship funds themselves may serve on the committee, as well. Once selections are made, they are brought before the full Board of Directors for approval, then submitted to fund representatives. If approved, the recipients are named and presentations made at each of the three school’s awards events. Scholarship payouts are made to the school each student is attending, on behalf of the student, once full information is provided and scholarship agreement is signed. For more information, call our Program Associate at 812-723-4150.

Lilly Endowment Scholarships
Scholarships provided by Lilly Endowment follow a rigorous and detailed application process, and follow rigid guidelines. Those qualified are reviewed by the Lilly Scholarship Committee and “graded” on a points basis, from which finalists are chosen. The finalists undergo personal interviews and must, under close supervision, complete an essay with the subject unknown to them beforehand. From among the finalists, one recipient is chosen and approved by Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI). For more details, call our Program Associate at 812-723-4150.