Want to make an impact in Orange County? Through the Orange County Community Foundation, you can give to the community you love in a number of ways. See our Gift Acceptance Policy for more detailed information.

Cash Gifts
The easy way to make a contribution–cash, check, money order, even credit cards are accepted. We also accept EFT gifts online through eGive, a secure online giving service for charitable organizations. We are also an approved charity of the Greater Indiana Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and the Indiana State Employees’ Community Campaign (SECC). See Contact Us for more details on where to give.

Stocks, Bond and Mutual Funds
Appreciated marketable securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, can realize significant tax savings while providing substantial charitable contributions. Working closely with Foundation staff, investment counselors, and legal counsel, donors can receive an income tax deductive equal to the fair market value of the donated assets while avoiding capital gains tax on those assets.

Retirement Plan Assets
To avoid burdening heirs with estate and income taxes, create a lasting legacy for your family by creating an endowment fund from retirement plan assets.

One of the easiest estate gifts is leaving a charitable bequest in a will. While providing substantial reductions in federal estate taxes, giving through a bequest can be done by designating a percentage, a residual or an entire state to an existing endowment or toward the establishment of a new endowment fund.

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA)
Through the establishment of a CGA, a donor 55 years or older is provided an income for life and the opportunity to make a lasting difference to Orange County.

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
Assets placed in a trust that pays an annual income to the donor or a beneficiary for life or for a set number of years, a CRT allows the donor to avoid capital gains tax on the donated assets while receiving an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the remainder interest of the trust. The trust is also removed from the donor’s estate, thus reducing subsequent estate taxes. Upon the trust’s termination, the remaining assets benefit an existing endowment or create an endowment on behalf of the donor.

Charitable Lead Trust (CLT)
A donor transfers assets to the Foundation, which then pays a percentage of the assets’ value to an endowment fund designated by the donor for a specified amount of time. At the end of the trust term, the remaining assets are passed on to designated heirs. A CLT offers several advantages, including decreased gift and estate taxes. In some cases, the creation of a CLT may also provide an income tax deduction for the donor.

Life Insurance
Easy and effective, a life insurance policy can provide a large gift to a charitable organization or cause without a significant outlay of cash. Tax advantages follow, as well, in most cases.