When grant cycles are open for application, a link to the online application will be found on this page.

Several funds held with Orange County Community Foundation make grants each year. Applications are accepted during prescribed periods, and grantee selections are made by diverse committees, pending final approval by the OCCF Board of Directors in all cases. Some of the funds from which grants are distributed are listed below.

Sol Strauss Trust Supporting Organization
Mr. Sol Strauss, a Paoli businessman, left behind a legacy to honor the community he adopted as his home. His will created a trust fund for non-profit organizations in Paoli, as well as provided for what is now the IU Health Paoli Hospital and Jewish Hospital of Louisville. In 2006, Mr. Strauss’ fund returned to Orange County from its migration from one bank to another, and continues to provide annual funding for a variety of organizations and school needs, as well as to the hospital here. Grants from the Strauss Fund are made only within Paoli, and a letter of request is necessary in order to be considered. Local media is alerted whenever grant cycle is in process, usually during the summer months of each year. Notification will also be made on this website.

Don Simmons and Bill Tegarden Unrestricted Funds
Established through the generosity of Don Simmons and Bill Tegarden to benefit charitable purposes in the Orleans Community, this fund pays out annually and is also subject to an application process. Announcement is made in the Progress Examiner and on this website after May 1 each year, and selections are made by an appointed committee and subject to final approval by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Orange County Child Care Co-Operative Grant
Grants will be made to organizations whose programs benefit the residents of Orange County and are primarily concerned with early childhood. Grants from Orange County Community Foundation must meet legal and tax requirements. For-profit entities may apply, but will only be considered if their projects for programs are eligible for a charitable purpose under Internal Revenue Service restrictions.

OCCF Unrestricted “Share the Love” and Legacy Funds
The Foundation holds a number of unrestricted funds that provide grants in the areas of education, human services, youth and recreation, animals and the environment, social services, and more. These funds require full application, and cycles are announced in local media, as well as on this website. All selections are made by committee, subject to approval by the full Board of Directors.

Orange County Education/CAPE Fund Grant
The OCCF Education Fund was created to provide partial funding to education programs and opportunities that benefit all ages within Orange County’s population. Any non-profit organization, charitable program or educational facility may apply for funding. Community outreach, vocational, career development, K-12 and post-secondary educational programs serving Orange County are eligible.  The OCCF Education Grants are available to non-profit organizations, government agencies and charitable programs within Orange County and serving the people of Orange County. Grants are available to assist in providing various areas of education, including health, non-profit, social, community awareness, general education and career development. Higher priority will be given to programs that reach as many people as possible. Applications for grant to individuals are not accepted.

OCCF Youth Council Unrestricted Fund
Created through the generosity of our donors and the fund-raising efforts of the OCCF Youth Council, this fund annually pays out to local non-profit organizations in grant monies. Application process varies from year to year, and requires a full application. Selections are made by a youth council grants committee, guided by adult mentors, and are subject to final approval by the OCCF Board of Directors.

STEM Grants
The Orange County Community Foundation is now offering 501©3 organizations, community groups, schools and libraries the opportunity to apply for grant funding for before, after or outside of school in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) projects or programs in Orange County.  The STEM programming must occur outside of the traditional school day and promote opportunities for hands-on learning in STEM.  The program may also fall within the summer months. Awards will be distributed in November, 2017, projects must be completed and final reporting received within two years, with interval reporting during that time.  Proof of sustainability for the program is a plus.

Designated Funds
Any non-profit organization or charitable purpose may create an endowment fund that will provide a grant payout each year. For more information, contact the OCCF office at 812.723.4150 or visit this link: Types of Funds.

Donor-Advised Funds
Many donors choose to establish donor-advised funds, giving them the opportunity to request where the payout from their fund will go each year. If your organization has a donor who is especially interested in the issues you address, suggest that they visit our Types of Funds page to review the definition of a donor-advised fund.