Grant Programs
Non-profit organizations and agencies that establish endowment funds with the Foundation receive payouts from those funds annually, once the fund has matured for 12 quarters (3 years) and attained a balance of at least $5,000. In addition, many unrestricted funds held with the Foundation conduct open grant cycles one or more times each year. For more details, visit our grants page for criteria and applications (when a cycle is open). Visit the Grants page for more information.

Designated Endowment Funds
Any nonprofit organization is encouraged to open an endowment fund designated for its own use. Payouts from the fund each year benefit the organization for which the fund was created, and can be used for whatever purpose the organization feels necessary. Follow this link to a description of designated funds.

Operating/Administrative (non-permanent) Funds
Charitable organizations and activities may open funds through which monies can be entered into and paid out from for expenses, granting purposes, or any other charitable activity. These funds can be opened for a short period of time to accommodate a specific purpose, or maintained indefinitely. Follow this link to a description of operating/administrative (non-permanent) funds.

Planned Giving Services
The Orange County Community Foundation will work with professionals to help your organization establish planned giving programs for your donors, to encourage the growth of endowment funds through gifting. The Professional Advisors page will give you more

In the past, OCCF has collaborated with a number of non-profit agencies and organizations to fill needs throughout Orange County. Currently we are working with Ball State University’s Bowen Center for Public Affairs and the Indiana Humanities Council toward the establishment of “Keep Orange County Beautiful”, a county-wide effort to clean and beautify our surroundings. We have also sponsored a non-profit forum, as well as “brown bag” events, to bring local charities together and discuss pertinent topics. We also provide access to Grantstation, an online tool that matches charities with grant-making entities.

Donor Services
Visit the Donors page for more details on how we can be of service to you and your organization.