You can be a philanthropist

Anyone can help us all build a better Orange County together. Through the funds and programs of the Orange County Community Foundation, Inc., you can make a difference too.

 Give to a fund, create a fund, volunteer your's all possible! Give us a call or visit us today.

Ways to Give


Cash gifts

We accept cash gifts of any type to the funds he manage. Give to help build a specific organization, a cherished cause, or to help address Orange County's current needs. 

Other gifts

Gifts of stock, real estate, and other valuables are accepted, too, under certain guidelines. Ask for a copy of our Gift Acceptance Policy for more information. 

Financial planning

Setting up your will or other form of financial planning? The Orange County Community Foundation, Inc. can be included in that, as well. We will work closely with your financial planner in establishing your philanthropic wishes for the future.

In-Kind gifts

Is one of our partner organizations having a silent auction or collecting items for charity? If so, we can take your gift and provide you with a donation receipt with proof of value.


We work with a number of local organizations who could use your help! Let us know what your charitable interests are, and we'll try to match you up with a local non-profit you can assist.

Tools for Philanthropists


Donor Guide

List of Funds

List of Funds

This guide will give you basic information regarding the Foundation, creating funds, and more


List of Funds

List of Funds

List of Funds

Here is a list of existing funds that will give you an idea of the scope of the Foundation's charitable work, as well as ideas for your giving or for creating a fund of your own.